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Eastminster’s Men’s Ministry is committed to growing men’s relationship with Christ through a journey of discipleship, fellowship and service. We want all men to witness the value of a life in Christ — a life that leads to lasting connections with one another and the spreading of the Gospel. Our goal is to help men become leaders in their church, their families and their community. And we believe this happens best when lasting relationships with each other are built. Eastminster Men’s Ministry exists to help build these relationships. All men are welcome to join us in any of the activities we offer. Check out below to see all that we have going on this year. We hope to see you at our next event!

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Our Craftsmen Ministry is led by Elder Steve Hartt. Contact him with questions or for help getting plugged in. Subscribe to the Craftsmen Newsletter by clicking here.

Get Involved
Weekly Small Group Bible Studies
  • Meet with other men in small group setting to study Scriptures that deal with real life issues we face every day.
Friday Lunches
  • If you are looking for a bit of lunch time camaraderie join a group of EPC men for lunch every Friday at 11:30AM. The location changes every week. Email Tom Funk for this week’s location!
Tuesday Night Basketball
  • Pick up games start at the CLC gym at 7:30PM each Tuesday night.
Men’s Events
  • Eastminster Craftsmen hosts annual retreats, gatherings and opportunities to provide our men with support and direction for their lives.
by Eddie Capparucci


Male bonding. Just writing that makes me cringe. As men, when we think about bonding – which we don’t think of very often – we usually relate to it in connecting with our wives or children. Let’s face it, the thought of emotionally bonding with another male is not exactly on our to-do list.

But men do need to bond with other men. In fact, it is perfectly normal and healthy for men to become emotionally attached and vulnerable with other guys. We see a great display of male bonding in the Bible between David and Jonathan.

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