Christian Life Training Classes

Every class offered at Eastminster Presbyterian Church is grounded in Scripture and designed to help you move closer to Jesus Christ. If you are interested in taking your next step of faith, this is the place to start! Classes begin the week of August 11.

Questions? Please contact Rev. Blake Hudson, Associate Pastor of Student and Adult Discipleship, or one of our Discipleship Elders.

Sunday Morning ADULT Classes, 10:15-11:00AM

Biblical Themes (Room 201) Led by Pastor Katie Hudson, this class traces key biblical themes from their first appearance through the entire narrative of the Bible! Using research, insight, and short videos from Tim Mackie and Jonathan Collins of the Bible Project, this class will explore how the recurring themes of the Bible presents a unified story that points to Jesus.

Paul and His Letters (Room 204) Led by Discipleship Elder Paula Barbin, this discussion based Bible Study class will focus on Paul and his teachings to the early church and believers. While studying his letters, we will learn what Paul wanted these new Christians to believe and what he is telling us today. We will follow the three-prong approach to Bible Study: 1) What does the Bible Say? 2) What does it mean? And 3) How does it apply to our lives and the life of Eastminster today?

“Lord, Teach Us to Pray…” (Room 202) Prayer Team Deacon Rick Sloss will lead us through a group discussion on the power and importance of prayer in the Christian life, specifically the prayers found in the New Testament letters of Paul. Rather than strict Bible Study, this class will reveal what we can learn from early church leaders about the power and necessity of prayer.

Bonhoeffer: The Voice of Human Conscience (Room 209) In his preaching, Bonhoeffer’s strong, personal faith – the foundation for everything he did – shines in the darkness of Hitler’s Third Reich and in the churches’ struggle against it. Though not overtly political, Bonhoeffer’s deep concern for the developments in his world is revealed in his sermons as he seeks to draw the listener into conversation with the promises and claims of the gospel – a conversation readers today are invited to join with Elder Carolyn Waters every Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning Kids CLASSES, 10:15-11:00AM

Pre-K & Kindergarten, Room 4

1st & 2nd Grade, CLC Room 207

3rd & 4th Grade, CLC Room 206

5th Grade, CLC Room 208


6th & 7th Grade Sunday School, CLC Room 205

8th Grade Sunday School, Conference Room

9th-12th Grade Sunday School, Youth Room

Wednesday Night Bible Study, 6:30-7:30PM

Pastor’s Study (Room 202) This fall, Pastor Aaron Moore will begin a three-week study on Paul’s letter to Titus, followed by a ten-week dive into a book written by ECO Synod Executive Rev. Dr. Dana Allin, Simple Discipleship. If you’ve ever asked the question, what does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, the book is for you! This study will include group discussion about spiritual gifts, purpose, engagement, and growth. Each participant will have the opportunity to complete a personalized discipleship assessment. I hope you will consider joining the discussion and helping to sharpen your fellow disciples in the faith.

The Gospel of Mark (Room 209) The study of scripture from the Gospel of Mark continues. We will be examining the final steps of Jesus’ ministry to the final weeks, days, and hours of his journey. This gospel is amazingly contemporary and “this message is for everyone” (N.T. Wright).  Jesus came to lead His people to a new life, offering forgiveness, new hope and power through the new covenant he proclaimed.  Please join Elder Caroyln Waters as we closely examine the Gospel of Mark and draw from its verses important “life lessons.”