Eastminster 50th Anniversary Cookbook

See Directions below for submitting your recipe to the Eastminster Cookbook.

50th Anniversary EPC Cookbook

Submit your favorite recipes today for the church cookbook that we’re creating as part of our 50th anniversary celebration! This is our first cookbook in 20 years!  We’re seeking recipes from appetizers to salads and entrees to baked goods…to suit palates of all ages!

It’s fast and easy to do…

1 Simply log-on to Morris Cookbooks* You can click this link  www.morriscookbooks.com

2 Click on the typensave® button on the home page

3 Log-in User Name:  EPC 50    Password:    pepper222 

4 Fill in your name and email address

5 Click on the Add A Recipe option, fill in the requested details and you’re ready to go! 

NOTE: Please consult the section on Recipe Writing Tips so that we all follow the same format. 

Our goal is to get up to five recipes from everyone by April 15th so we need your help to make our 50th Anniversary Cookbook a wonderful commemoration of God’s faithfulness to Eastminster.

For questions, contact: 

Reta Frew (rf@frewtravel.com)  Chris Wallace (clw7324@comcast.net)

* If you prefer, recipes can be written on forms that are available in the narthex and lobby of the CLC.