2023 Commitment Pledge

This month, you will be receiving a letter and a pledge card in the mail announcing our Stewardship Campaign for this year. Our theme for this coming year  is “Growing In Generosity.” Your online Pledge Card can be submitted by clicking the image above or the button below.

We all appreciate the blessings that come with being a part of the Eastminster Church family including rich Biblical preaching and teaching for all ages, frequent opportunities for fellowship and a beautiful facility and grounds. However, there are associated expenses for retaining the talented and dedicated staff and maintaining the church property that we all utilize and enjoy. 

To keep the lights lit, the building cooled/heated, the water running, and the grass cut costs $158,000 each year!  In addition, we are dedicated to spreading the Gospel through continuing our missions’ outreaches.

Also, we all appreciate the hard work the staff has performed over this last year as they adopted new ways for us to Worship our Lord and Savior and continued to meet the needs of our congregation while also filling in the gaps left by the departure of some of our team members. However, there are associated expenses for retaining this talented and dedicated staff, maintaining the church property, and spreading the Gospel through our Missions Outreach.  Just as our needs continue unabated, the budgetary requirements for operating and maintaining Eastminster are ongoing.

In an effort to support Eastminster and its ministries, some of our covenant partners feel called to tithe (giving at least 10% of their income), while others are working toward that goal.  Some people give during the year but feel unable to make a commitment for a particular amount.  But, a fair number of those who worship at Eastminster do not donate anything at all.  The point is that no matter how great or small the amount, an important part in our spiritual walk is contributing financially to the Church.

As Randy Alcorn, well-known author of The Treasure Principle, explains, “We may try to divorce our faith and our finances, but God sees them as inseparable.” 

This year, this season, we would like to ask everyone to prayerfully reexamine their stance on giving from a Biblical perspective.  Please reflect on returning a bit of the treasure God has entrusted to you for His kingdom work by increasing your monetary commitment to Eastminster. If you have not been able to pledge in the past, make 2021 the year you strengthen your walk with Christ by financially supporting His ministries.

Complete your pledge today by submitting the form below.