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Courtyard & Columbarium

Courtyard, Columbarium and Labyrinth

A Celebration of Life

The Courtyard provides a living space for our church family while the Columbarium serves as a revered resting place for those who have gone beyond. A Labyrinth surrounds the Columbarium and serves a space of serenity and contemplation. The Pavilion provides a sheltered gathering place with benches.

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Visiting the Courtyard

The Courtyard is a verdant outdoor setting for church meetings and gatherings such as memorial services and sunrise Easter services.

The Columbarium is the located at the Courtyard’s center and is the focal point. It is a beautiful granite structure which is a final resting place for the ashes of Eastminster Covenant Partners.

The Labyrinth surrounds the Columbarium. Walking the pattern and recurring turns of the octagonal labyrinth is a spiritual exercise allowing one to focus on God. If you would like to walk the labyrinth and are not a member of the church, contact the church office for an appropriate time to come by.

The Pavilion provides a place of serenity and is a gathering place with shelter and benches. It is enhanced by lighting to extend it’s use into the evening hours.